Fit in fun Friday: Making exercise a daily habit for families

Posted November 13th, 2009 by Elaine Hastings, RD - Nutrition Expert and filed in Exercise Tips, Fit In Fitness Friday

Take time this weekend to evaluate your family’s fitness goals. Creating a routine that works for the entire family is the best way to stick to your exercise goals and improve your health.

Here are a few suggestions to make exercise a part of your family’s routine:

  • Plan to exercise at a certain time every day, so it becomes part of your schedule.
  • Write up and sign a contract, where you agree to exercise.
  • Mark your family calendar with a daily appointment for exercise.
  • Keep a diary of all of your exercises. Log everything you do, and your progress.
  • If you need support, have your doctor write out an exercise prescription, including how much exercise you should do and how often.
  • Try joining a health club or gym. Paying a membership fee may prompt you to get your money’s worth and go more frequently. Many gyms offer family memberships. If you have children, find a gym that provides daycare for young ones or offers fitness programs for older children.

By getting the entire family involved, you can support one another and make fitness more fun!

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