The Feel Good Report

Living Right

Author: Spencer Campbell

Coffee, Tea or IV?

The goal of Trim Wellness Café, a new health center opening this month on Tamiami Trail in Naples, is to
“target optimal well-being” through customized vitamin cocktails. The hook is that the body absorbs 100 percent of vitamins that are given through IVs or injections. Trim Wellness touts its vitamins as being designed to treat everything from depression to PMS. For example, the café’s Trim Calm IV concoction promises to soothe anxiety, migraines or muscle tension. The café also offers hormone optimization (i.e., boosting a man’s flagging testosterone) and prescription weight loss plans, all in
a coffee house setting. 

The Voice of Reason: Vitamin IVs and injections “can be utilized properly,” says Elaine Hastings, a registered and licensed dietician and president of Fort Myers-based Associates in Nutrition. “Are they going to cure you? No. It’s not a magic bullet. It’s a tool.” A tool, she says, best used by those who don’t eat well, even for a short period of time, and are therefore lacking in zinc, iron or vitamin C. But even the elderly and extreme athletes can get their requisite vitamins by eating right.