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Many people who try diet programs struggle to stay on track. Associates in Nutrition Therapy is different. We can help make wellness a natural and sustainable part of the well-balanced life you desire.

Hungry for a healthier lifestyle? Virtual Nutritionists® can help!

Designed by leading dietitian Elaine Hastings, VIRTUAL NUTRITIONISTS® will help you with your NUTRITION, EXERCISE, TRAINING and TIME. These are the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle, and this site is the perfect place to start living a VIRTUAL NUTRITIONISTS® Healthy Lifestyle through customized counseling, meal & fitness tracking conveniently accessible on


Your 24/7 personal nutrition coach, meal and fitness tracker!

Your VIRTUAL NUTRITIONISTS® is a Nutrition Coach, Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist and is available to you 24/7. Providing you with personalized nutrition coaching according to your medical and diet history. Your VIRTUAL NUTRITIONISTS® Coach will provide a comprehensive nutrition and exercise assessment, personalized diet and medical history analysis, menu planning, individual recommendations, lifestyle and behavioral changes to insure a healthy nutrition plan. If your physician has prescribed a special diet for you, or if you want to know if you are eating properly, we can help. We offer individually modified medical nutrition therapy with a Nutrition Coach for people of all ages who have specific medical and nutritional needs. You can easily chart your health history through a series of detailed reports. Understand how meals, fitness, and medication affect your health. Choose to view or print reports as a table, graph, or chart.


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Whether you are an athlete who wants to  enhance performance through proper nutrition or someone struggling to achieve a healthy weight, VIRTUAL NUTRITIONISTS® is the answer.

Your Key Benefits:

  • Nutrition FREE Diet Profile
  • Virtual Interview by E-mail
  • Diet Analysis
  • Detailed meal, exercise, and supplement plans
  • Access reports on your glucose, blood pressure, weight, meals intake, caloric burn out and more.
  • Bring personalized reports to your healthcare provider
  • All programs are Physician approved and endorsed

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