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What is a Dietitian?

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A specialist in the study of nutrition who can assist people plan the kinds and amounts of foods that promote a healthy lifestyle. Nationally Registered Dietitians translate the science of nutrition into everyday information about food. They undertake the practical application of nutrition with both individuals and population groups to promote the well being of individuals and communities to prevent nutrition related problems. They are also involved in the diagnoses and dietary treatment of disease. Dietitians work with people who have special dietary needs, inform the general public about nutrition, give unbiased advice, evaluate and improve treatments and educate clients, doctors, nurses, health professionals and community groups.

Dietitians can work in a variety of areas, many are within Hospitals or in the community as Clinical Dietitians, Health Educators or as Managers. Both Hospital and Community Dietitians educate people who need special diets as part of their medical treatment, for example patients with:


• Kidney Disease
• Food Allergies
• Eating Disorders
• Diabetes
• Oncology
• Gastroenterology

Dietitians also work outside of the NHS in a variety of different areas such as:

• Food Industry
• Education
• Research
• Business
• Charities
• Media
• Freelance work

Dietitians have special skills in translating scientific and medical decisions related to food and health to inform the general public. They also play an important role in health promotion. A Nationally Registered Dietitian (R.D.) has an interest in science, people and food, able to communicate with people from all areas of the community, the ability to explain complex things simply, a positive and motivating attitude and an understanding, non-discriminatory approach as well as patience and a sense of humour. In addition to your doctor, an important factor of your health care needs will be a dietitian. A dietitian is a nutrition expert who has passed a national credentialing exam. They can use the title Registered Dietitian (R.D.), or in some states Licensed Dietitian (L.D.). Some dietitians take an additional exam for the credential of Certified Diabetes Educator (C.D.E.). Regardless of whether a dietitian is a C.D.E., it is important for you to choose one experienced with diabetic meal planning. They will need to work with your doctor to assist you in fine-tuning your medications, meals and exercise requirements. They also will be able to assist you with reading food labels, and providing cooking and grocery shopping tips. If you have not seen a dietitian, search with your zip code, view profiles and get directions to a Dietitian near you.

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